Nowadays, the ever changing landscape of DevOps tools and practices encourages system administrators to shift more and more into the Infrastructure as Code paradigm. Automated approach for system administration, if used efficiently, can provide significant benefits for the organization, like operational cost and/or risk reductions. On the other hand, the introduction of any solution for IT automation will incur added cost of it's implementation within the organization.

We thrive to provide and maintain our own open-source solution for IT automation, which we have designed and implemented because we could not find an existing solution for our needs that would check all of the boxes. In the following part we will present our product and discuss its features in comparison to the existing popular solutions.

What is Opereon?

Opereon is an open-source, free of charge, configuration management and automation system for IT, similar in function to the other solutions like:

It is essentially a remote task runner, capable of performing administrative tasks on hosts using Unix-like systems, using SSH protocol. It does not require any particular software to be installed on the managed (remote) hosts, except of course for a working SSH server. Task are basically just system commands or shell scripts, so they can be implemented in any programming language the user sees fit. The tasks are implemented imperatively by the user, and they can have triggers to be executed automatically when declarative part of the infrastructure definition changes.

Why Opereon?

Typically configuration management tools were designed around two fundamental approaches of representing what needs to be configured on remote hosts for the infrastructure to operate as required.

  • Declarative (or functional), where the user typically defines what is the desired state of the infrastructure. This approach is encouraged for instance by Puppet and SaltStack.

  • imperative (procedural), where the user defined how the desired state is to be achieved

How Opereon works?

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